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Our work speaks for itself:

"Rob is everything you want in a good doctor. He explains what he’s doing and why. He’s honest and thorough. He showed me all of the work he did and went into great detail as to what the benefits would be. He nursed my 3 sickly amps back to health and even helped me load them into my car. Excellent on all levels." - Willard Coburn

"Thank you Rob, you are a wise and kind person! Rob did surgery on an old, ailing receiver of mine, and brought it back to health. (Second time, actually.) Music is filling the house as we speak. Works great, sounds great through those vintage speakers. We are very pleased with your work, your prices, and how thoroughly you explained what you did and why. Thank you again." -  Susan Van Dongen and Bryan Grigsby. 

"Great shop, great experience! Rob repaired my Mesa MkV, Maverick and has built an amp for me. I highly recommend him for mainstream and boutique amplifier service or just to build something from scratch. Also, pricing was more than reasonable for finished product." - Shandon Willey

"Rob at Jaded Faith Mods is the best for all your amp service needs!!! From just a normal tune up or any modifications that you'd could possibly desire!!! I wouldn't take my amp anywhere else, great turn around time as well!!! Thanks Rob for all your help!" - Marc Coppa

"Long overdue review here; Rob worked magic on my 5E3 clone last summer. Excellent customer service and communication, very reasonably pricing, top notch work and he's a great guy to boot." - Bob McElroy 

"Rob is a masterful audio tech guy! If you need work done on your  head/cabinet/effects boards he is your guy, hands down!! He did Amazing  work on my Mesa Boogie!" - Pete Vajtay 

"Best place in NJ for amp service.  Go see Rob!  You won't regret it!" - Gordie Barrett 

"I am a complete amp snob... I mean really, really bad. I would trust Rob to work on anything from my Splawns, Oranges,  Mesa's  Framus's, vintage gear... Whatever I have... he can fix it or make it  better. This guy has been given a few serious "tests" from me and has not failed to kick serious ass each time. I am planning a few major  mods to some of my lower level stuff now and I am sure there will be  days coming up that Rob hates me (lol)...Seriously though... Jaded Faith is officially "Beast Mode"...

Thanks Rob, you rule!" - Matt DiFabio

"I had a fantastic experience with the folks at Jaded Faith. I asked to a  ton of questions, but Rob really took his time with me to make sure I  got what I needed. As far as the product itself, their work is  amazing. The MKC+ nails the tones of the Mark series, with some of the  heaviest rhythms when the deep v switch is engaged and buttery leads  when the switch is off. I'm more than satisfied and will be working with them more in the future." - Kyle Mccool-Solis

"Absolutely outstanding mods and service! Robs MTS mods are a night and day upgrade and very reasonably priced. I have been pulling in modules to send his way as fast as I can as Jaded Faith has restored my love for the modular system." - Danny McGuire

"Had Rob work on both of my Marshall JCM800'S and I couldn't be any happier with his professional service. I highly recommend him." - James Harrington 

"Rob's customer service is absolutely fantastic. Very friendly, and he  was able to meet the very reasonable expectations he set for the MTS  Blackout mod (based on a 2 channel Recto) that I had ordered. The mod  sounds fantastic, and I couldn't  be happier. Will definitely be doing  business with Jaded Faith again in the near future." -  Adrian Hinkley

"Rob does excellent repair work; he gets it right the first time, uses  excellent parts and is sensitive to your need to have your gear off the  bench and back to you as quickly as is reasonably possible.  I  completely trust him with my vintage amps - I think that speaks for  itself." - Scott Nagrod

"Rob did a great job restoring my 70s Fender Silverface amp.  He took the  time to explain everything he was going to do and saved all the  original parts.   He answered every question I had and I had a few.    Thanks, it sounds fantastic, thanks!" - Bill Brown 

"It is great to have such an excellent amp service in nearby Bordentown. I  have taken a number of amps to Rob for service and each time the work  was excellent.  He is a great guy and does a fantastic job at a very  reasonable price. I will continue to use his services as long as he is  in the area. Check him out, located in the same location as the Bordentown Guitar Rescue." - Bill O'Callaghan

"Rob is a very intelligent dude. His pricing is fair and he's not "The  mechanic trying to get a buck out of you" by any means. He's currently  working on my Blackstar HT-60 and if I ever need anything serviced, this  is the dude who's doing it. 

PROUDLY SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES, because craftsmen like these exist." - Garrett Kruse

"Rob went above and beyond my expectations. Unbelievably knowledgeable." - Chris Nicoletti

Amplifier and Electronics Service & Repair

Amplifier and Electronics Service & Repair

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